My work draws its substance from the magical and romantic beauty of the southern landscapes, which I first became acquainted with during my military service, and since then, for more than 50 years, have become the environment of my physical, mental and emotional life.

My encounter with the landscape is the bond between belonging and commitment, not as of a spectator. Belonging to the history of my forefathers who wandered here thousands of years ago. Belonging to the inhabitants of the desert who wandered here hundreds of years ago. Belonging to the inhabitants who live here today and belonging to the pure and primal beauty of the expanses of the Negev, from HaMakhtesh HaGadol with its cosmic colors and shapes to the landscapes of Sodom that terrorize and enchant the beholder.

My work process is carried out in several stages. Whether I connect to the view of the landscape as reflected in the window of my room, or go out to the landscape to exist within it and capture its colors and textures, I photograph the object of observation from several angles, then I sketch the outlines of the visual experience, and only later attempt to express the experience, realistically impressionably, using layers of oil paint.

Oil paint reflects better the dazzling light experience of the desert and the variety of colors projected by the Dead Sea, and HaMakhtesh HaGadol. My palette, therefore, changes between the monochromatic white and yellow, which are characteristic of the hills surrounding Be’er Sheva, and the colors of reddish-black, brown and rose, which are interwoven with colors of the mountains and ancient stones of the HaMakhtesh HaGadol area towards the Dead Sea, HaArava Road and Eilat.

The Bible stories fascinate me as an artist. The water test of Judge Gideon, his military tactics, the night raid on the Midianites, and his slogan " Watch me, and do likewise," which his now etched at the gate to the IDF officers' school, lead me to creating the Gideon sculptures.

Samson the Hero. Chronicles of his heroism take place in the south. A Jewish giant who succeeds repeatedly in outwitting the Philistines and with a fresh donkey’s cheek to hit hundreds of them.

The story of the cruel love lust of David and Bat Sheva, also became a sculpture.

And it was impossible without the story of Lot's wife, who could not restrain herself, turned her head back and became a pillar of salt.

Through bronze and resin sculptures that describe the events of the Bible I accomplish the strong bond that I have with the land and the inhabitants.